Family Vacation Packages—A Stress-Free Way of Traveling

Family Vacation Packages—A Stress-Free Way of Traveling

While it’s impossible to plan a completely stress-free vacation with young children, there are certainly ways to make it easier. The first step is to take advantage of family vacation packages.

These packages have something for everyone that includes the kids, which makes everyone happier. You won’t have to find something for the kids to do, and the adults can enjoy themselves as well. Family vacation packages also tend to be cheaper. Here are some ideas for these types of vacation deals.

Rent an RV, or recreational vehicle

This is a great vacation for children. Your family vacation package need not include hotel rooms or lots of restaurant expenses. You have your hotel and restaurant on wheels!

You don’t even have the stress of stopping for the bathroom, which is a big plus for parents. RV family vacations mean you can see a lot of different areas without long, tedious car trips, too.

Theme parks are fun for school-age children and teens

The children are thoroughly occupied and having fun, while the adults can enjoy the park’s food, scenery, shopping, and simply the joy their children are experiencing. Many theme parks include dramas and shows that appeal to adults and children alike.

Ski vacations work well for families

Most resorts offer family package deals. You can rent a house or cabin on a ski vacation, which many families find much less stressful than staying in a hotel.

A cruise can offer fun for everyone in the family too

Adults can enjoy the food, amenities, and shopping at ports while children can enjoy the pool, games, shows, and other activities. Many cruise lines offer vacation packages geared toward families.

On a cruise, you need not worry about meals and accommodations, and many children find the idea of being on a boat very exciting.

Woods, nature, and hiking appeal to many children. So does camping.

Look into renting a rustic cabin for a weekend or longer. Check with your local (or wherever you want to vacation) tourist department to find out where the best getaway packages are in the area.

As you plan your family vacation package, remember to arrange child-watching time with the other adults on the trip.

Trying to figure out who watches the kids and who gets to relax on the go often results in stressed-out, frustrated parents and kids. So decide ahead of time how you will divvy up the time between the adults and children, and consider taking along a babysitter if you can.

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