Great Blogs to Inspire the Solo Traveler

Great Blogs to Inspire the Solo Traveler

If you have made the decision to travel solo, you may feel a mixture of excitement and fear. When you are looking for inspiration and encouragement about your choice, blogs are some of the best reading material that you can find. Blogs are current, and often have great photos and personal experiences included. Here are some of the best blogs to inspire you as a solo traveler.

1. Solo Traveler World

At there is plenty of information in regards to your travel plans. You can choose the continent you are interested in visiting, and then click on a country to see any blog posts related to it. This gives you a taste of each destination from many different perspectives, as each location has various posts by different travelers.

The posts contain tips as well as photos. There are also posts on a variety of solo travel subjects, which are easily found as they are categorized by topic.

2. Girl About the Globe

Check out if you are a solo female traveler who is looking for tips that are specific to traveling alone as a woman. This extensive website has many posts related to concerns such as planning your trip, staying healthy while traveling, and conscious travel.

The blog itself has many posts about traveling solo as a female, and is written in a descriptive, easy-to-read manner with many photos accompanying the posts.

3. Hostel World

Spend some time browsing the blog if you are interested in staying in hostels while traveling solo. This blog is a great place to learn more about what it is like to travel the world while keeping the cost down, along with many others travel tips. It offers many inspiring posts that will remind you why you love to travel solo, and will make you feel eager to take your next vacation.

4. Adventurous Kate

At you can find posts giving travel advice on many subjects. It is written by a seasoned traveler and it will make you want to pack your bags and get going. The posts are written with a lot of humor and will spark interest in anyone who likes to read about the crazy adventures of others.

5. Nomadic Matt

Take a look at and the corresponding website for loads of information on solo travel. He offers travel advice for a range of different types of travelers. He also has guest bloggers write about topics he is unable to cover, such as traveling solo as a female. The blogger himself frequently runs group tours, so it is the perfect blog to check out if you want the benefits of traveling solo, but within the safety of a group.

As you get prepared to go on your first solo trip, whether it is your first or one of many, you will want some inspiration to help you feel pumped up. Reading blogs about solo travel assures you that you are not alone in your pursuits to enjoy a vacation as a single traveler. By checking out the blogs above, you will be inspired by other fellow travelers and get many ideas on how to explore the world efficiently, making the best of your time away.

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