Healthy Meals You Can Prepare in Your Hotel Room

Healthy Meals You Can Prepare in Your Hotel Room

During an average trip, you won’t be out of your hotel room for three meals a day. This requires eating at least some of these meals right in your hotel room, possibly without room service or an on-site restaurant.

It is time to get creative with what you have available, whether that is a kitchenette or nothing more than a coffee maker.

No Appliances

First of all, you might end up in a hotel room that has virtually no appliances available for cooking or preparing meals. This is when you need to get creative so you’re not eating peanut butter sandwiches for every meal.

To start with, try to hit up the local supermarket before a meal so you can eat convenience foods while they are still fresh. Head to the deli section, since near that area of the store there will be prepared foods and lunch boxes all ready to go. These often include sandwiches or salads that provide nutrition and are great for a lunch or dinner.

You can also try bringing in small appliances of your own if this will be a long trip, just to have some more options. For example, a small toaster oven or rice cooker can come in handy and won’t take up a ton of space in your suitcase.

This allows you to at least have some delicious rice to go with your meal, along with anything you can make in the toaster oven. Keep an ice chest in the room to keep foods cold if you need to, or use dry ice.

Microwave and Refrigerator

You have a few more options available when the hotel room has a microwave and mini fridge at the very least. For example, with a refrigerator, you have the option of buying fixins’ for a healthy salad and storing them in the crisper drawer. With a microwave and refrigerator, consider buying a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket.

It is already cooked, so you can pull all the meat off the bone, store it in plastic storage bags or containers, and keep it in the fridge. Either serve it cold with your salad, make sandwiches, or heat it up to have with some veggies. Also keep in mind you can make scrambled eggs with your microwave! You can also buy some delicious soups and heat them up when you need to.

Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker can also be useful when you find something that just needs boiled water. This might require buying some high-sodium soups or pastas in a cup, but it is always better than getting fast food.

It will be healthier when you combine it with a side salad or vegetables, and is a lot cheaper. Just turn the coffee maker on with only water in the maker, instead of coffee grounds. Boiling hot water will come out.


Believe it or not, you can make some hot sandwiches with the iron in your room! This is something many avid travelers have figured out. All you need is the bread and filling for your sandwich, plus some tin foil. Cover the completed sandwich in foil, put the iron on the low or medium setting, then place it on the foil.

Keep turning the sandwich, heating up both sides until you smell the ingredients of the sandwich, such as smelling the cheese or meats; this is usually a good sign it is done cooking. You can heat up just about anything that fits in tin foil with the room’s iron.

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