Healthy Snacks to Feed Your Kids While Traveling

Healthy Snacks to Feed Your Kids While Traveling

It might be easy for you to find something that is healthy when you are traveling, whether on the road or in an airplane, but kids are a different story.

You not only need to find snacks with plenty of nutrition and that satiate their hunger, but that they also like the taste of. These healthy snacks are often preferred by children.

Granola or Granola Bars

If your kids like granola, you’re in luck, because it is a great thing to bring along the trip as a healthy snack. First of all, granola bars are a good option since they are non-perishable and can easily store in your purse for a road trip, ride on the train or bus, or on the airplane.

There are organic, all-natural granola bars, so you don’t need to feed them any preservatives. Also consider simply putting some healthy granola and nuts in portion-size plastic bags as a quick snack.

Apples and Nut Butter

Here is a snack that is easy to prepare beforehand and bring with you, especially on a road trip. Slice up some apples and put a little lemon juice on the apples before storing them in a to-go container to prevent browning.

In a small container, put some nut butter, such as all-natural peanut butter or almond butter. When your kids want a snack, give them the apples and container of nut butter to dip them in. It is a healthy, low-fat, convenient snack.

Low-Sugar Cereal

One of the simplest things you can do is find a healthy cereal, place the dry cereal in a plastic bag, and put it in the car or in your carry-on bag at the airport. Hand your starving kid the bag of cereal when they need a quick snack.

There are plenty of delicious low-sugar cereals that are soft enough to eat even without milk, especially puff cereal. Some of these also have a good amount of fiber and other nutrients, so it’s a healthy option.

Veggies or Crackers and Dip

If you can keep a cooler in your car, you can bring along a healthy dip with some sliced vegetables or crackers to go with it. Whole-grain crackers are often more convenient, since they are non-perishable and can be enjoyed alone or with a dip or spread.

However, slices of bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli can also be placed in a container in the cooler, then enjoyed with some nut butter or hummus dip.

These are some options that let your kid eat a snack that is healthy and enjoyable for them. Don’t forget about fresh fruit that doesn’t require being cool, such as bananas, apples, and citrus fruits.

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