How to Choose Healthy Options From a Breakfast Bar

How to Choose Healthy Options From a Breakfast Bar

Hotels with a breakfast bar or buffet can be a great convenience, but not everything that is offered is going to be healthy. Unless you are having a cheat day, you still want to go with the low-fat, nutrient-rich, healthy food options at that buffet.

Here are some things to go for first when you are faced with the difference between cereal, fruit, yogurt, or breakfast meats.

Go For Fruit First

Naturally, fresh fruit is going to be one of the healthiest things you can get from a breakfast buffet. Many restaurants offer at least some type of fruit in their breakfast bar, even if all they have are some bananas or apples.

Fill up your plate or to-go container with fruit first as it pairs well with eggs, yogurt, and cereal. When grabbing a drink, try to see if they have 100 percent fruit juice available. If not, drinking tea or bottled water is probably a better option.

Eggs or Omelet

If the breakfast buffet has either scrambled eggs or an omelet station, that is a good way to get in a filling and healthy breakfast, while also getting your morning’s worth of protein. This is a better protein option than breakfast meats like bacon or sausage.

With scrambled eggs, first look to see if there is a pan labeled as egg whites, as these contain no cholesterol and are fat-free. If not, go with the traditional eggs and pair them with your fresh fruit.

For a larger breakfast, try scrambled eggs with yogurt and fruit, or add a piece of whole wheat toast if it is available. Some hotel breakfast buffets have an omelet bar, which is great because you can make a healthy omelet with eggs, vegetables, and cheese, which is very filling and gives you control of the nutrition.

Consider Hot or Cold Cereal

There is nothing wrong with choosing cereal for breakfast, but be careful of the options. If the hotel only has cold cereal that is filled with sugar and preservatives, pass on that and go for the oatmeal instead. However, many hotel buffets offer some cold cereals with a high protein content or contain bran flakes, which are much better for you.

Combine the cold cereal flakes with milk and fresh fruit, add a slice of toast or yogurt, and you’re ready to go. Oatmeal can be even healthier, where you might even find toppings like slivered almonds or honey to drizzle on top.

Avoid These Foods

There are also some breakfast foods to avoid if you are trying to be healthy while traveling. For example, take a pass on the bagels and cream cheese. Bagels contain a lot of unnecessary bread and carbs, unless you get lucky and they have whole wheat bagel thins.

Cream cheese is high in fat, as well as donuts, danishes, and muffins. Try to avoid the hash-browns and breakfast meats as well, unless it’s a day when you plan on going on a hike or other heavy physical activity.

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