Keeping Kids Busy on a Trip

Keeping Kids Busy on a Trip

Going on vacation is an exciting thing for the whole family. What is not always fun, however, is the journey. When you are on your way and everyone is having difficulty being patient, it can seem like everyone has trouble waiting to get there. How can you keep your kids busy on a trip, no matter whether it is by vehicle, train, airplane or any other form?

Creative Supplies

Bring along the basics such as coloring books, crayons, paper and pens. Your child or children will have plenty of time to create and imagine, and this will give them an outlet. To encourage your children to use these supplies, consider buying a new special set of markers, or anything especially fun for each child.

Interactive Games

Always have ideas of games on hand that you can all play together. Some easy picks are games such as “eye spy” and scavenger hunts, where each person has a sheet of items they can check off as they find them during the trip.

You can also play games such as one where you take turns listing items to take on vacation that begin with the letters of the alphabet, in order. To take it up a notch, turn it into a memory game where each person has to remember every item listed before theirs, as well as making up a new one for their letter.

Travel Journal

If your children are old enough to write, give them each a travel journal. Each child can write about their own vacation highlights. Younger children can draw pictures for their entries instead of using words.

Game Consoles

Game consoles have gotten a bad reputation, but long trips are one instance where they can be useful. Buy each child a new game that will keep him (or her) occupied for the long trip. Give him time limits, and enforce mandatory breaks in order to give his eyes a rest.

Music and Movie Player

Having a device to listen to music on is a great idea for all ages. Before you leave, fill the device with music of each child’s choice. If you are going on an airplane, your child’s own headphones can often be used to watch videos on board the aircraft when the airline has them available, instead of renting or buying a pair from the airline.

Digital Camera

If your child has a digital camera, encourage him to take photos while traveling. If he does not have one, consider buying him one, or lending him yours. A digital camera will ensure that he can take as many photos as his heart desires without having to worry about running out of film. Make sure that batteries are freshly charged, or take extras if the camera uses disposable ones.


Snacks are a must-have on any trip. The traveling time will always be more enjoyable with something to munch on. Bring items that store well even without refrigeration. Items such as veggies and hummus, dried fruit, granola bars, nuts and cheese sticks are fun and work well.

Traveling can be boring, or great fun. It all depends on how well-prepared you are for it. When you are traveling with kids, there are many ways to make it more exciting for them. Put these tips to use and enjoy your travels while watching your children enjoy theirs as well.

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