The 8 Healthiest Travel Destinations in America

The 8 Healthiest Travel Destinations in America

Traveling in the United States can be a lot of fun, letting you explore different areas of the country, seeing the sites, and meeting new people. Unfortunately, if you are trying to eat healthier, it can prove to be difficult.

In order to avoid only having fast food joints or greasy spoons to look forward to, consider traveling to one of these travel destinations.

1. Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is a great place to travel if you want to live a healthier lifestyle during your vacation. Not only are there plenty of places to enjoy outdoor recreation, but many of the restaurants and the hotels have lighter options. Try the Royal Hawaiian Azure, located on Waikiki Beach. It offers pink snapper and ahi ahi tuna.

2. San Diego, CA

Southern California seems to be the mecca of healthy eating on the west coast, including in San Diego. This city is just south of Los Angeles, offering everything from vegetarian and vegan restaurants, to juicing stations and diners for even the pickiest of eaters. Some healthier restaurants include Burger Lounge, Sevilla, Yellow Deli, and California Pizza Kitchen.

3. Portland, OR

Another west coast city with plenty of healthy options is Portland, Oregon. Here you can enjoy your choice of vegetable dishes at The Bent Brick, with meals served by chef Scott Dolich. Enjoy items like parsnips and rye berries.

4. Austin, TX

The city of Austin is one of the healthiest places to be while in Texas. Just because you are in the southern state, doesn’t mean you need to eat steak and burgers.

A popular restaurant with healthy fare is Kome, a Japanese restaurant offering salad, oysters, and sushi. Also visit Mother’s Caf and Garden, offering a lot of vegetable dishes, such as the mushroom and spinach enchiladas.

5. Newport, RI

The smallest state in the country also happens to have some delicious, healthy cuisine. Visit Newport on the east coast to take Pilates classes at the Newborn Beach Hotel or have grilled swordfish at Asterisk.

6. Miami, FL

Coastal cities often have a lot of healthy food options, and Miami, Florida is no exception. This sunny beach town has Alta Mare, offering seafood salads and many grilled seafood options.

7. Seattle, WA

Take a trip to Seattle, Washington to enjoy endless amounts of healthy eateries and cafes. Try the mussels and seafood at Totten Inlet or head to Spring Hill for fresh produce in their dishes.

8. Santa Cruz, CA

Another California town on the list in Santa Cruz. This is near Silicon Valley and not far from Los Angeles. It has La Posta, a restaurant offering Italian fare with dough made with eggs right from a backyard chicken coop.

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